Testing is an essential but time-sensitive activity that must be repeated with every platform release or enhancement. TestMaster automates functional and regression testing of the Avaloq Banking Suite, optimising the process.

TestMaster is the most advanced and innovative automation testing software made for Avaloq, by Avaloq experts.

Key Benefits

Increased efficiency

  • Detect bugs as early as possible in the development life cycle


  • Intuitive user interface covers back-end, GUI and web and testing modules
  • 100% compatible with Avaloq
  • Complete solution including test case management, versioning, reporting
  • DEVOPS – continuous development

Key features


Parallel execution

Scenario can be executed in parallel for all modules



A set of web services based on an open architecture are available to start test scenario execution, retrieve reports and create environments



No scripting needed to create back-end test cases; meta data are extracted from the Avaloq system


Separation between process definition and test data

Test data can be dynamically selected based on input criteria and passed across test cases

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